Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Test me

A mountain in my path
You think that's gonna stop me?
Why does it feel like the world is against me, I only want to achieve my heart's desire 
Why does it feel like I keep getting fucked over?
Go on, keep pushing my limits
I'll only find new heights to scale
Go on, keep testing my resolve, my patience, just keep blocking my path...
I promise I'll make you regret thinking this one 'man' is a push over,
I promise I will make you regret bringing the fight out in me
No, I will not back down
No, I will not let you take away my rights,
while trying to charge me full price (while expecting me to do all the work, including yours)
Go on, keep pushing me
I promise I will KO you & everything you bring to hold me down, I'll destroy it all
and be the last 'man' standing, in this war you wage against me
I'll keep rising above all my adversities...
cause it's not my will driving me on
So I know how this will end
(this is my victory, this is for all the voiceless innocents who have, are or will be harmed...I won't stop fighting the good fight)
Just keep trying me, bring it (bring it on)


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