Monday, April 8, 2013

I Still See The Blood Stains

You look at my hands
and see clean hands
that look as if they have worked a little,
while I see the past flash by
a splattering of red blood, violent
blurred images of insanity,
Is that dark shadow
with hate exploding out
it's twisted mouth
and wearing an assortment of pewter rings layered on each hand and spiked studs
covering the surface of the belt snaked around it's waist like a snake ready to strike
and reinforcing the top and toes of the head kicking boots
really me? Even that shatters my idea of earning redemption...
each step I watch that figure take
I hear those boots grind broken glass on the asphalt, probably from another fight
loudly echo overpowering the fear of my prey's prayers,
Only for fists, feet, rings, studs to cut the screams down...
until a flash of cold bone china streaks across the darkness between us,
I run and take off as the knives have finished my wrath


Monday, April 1, 2013

Taboo Side of Love

Would you know what to do with a heart whose history had left it tattered, battered, bruised
held together with strands and stitches of tears never shed, but collected and spun into thread?
Would you take it if I had watched yours break and in that fragile state, I had chosen to cut mine out of my still warm chest
so I could save you with my last breath of life
just to, save you from that pain and loneliness?
I know in the real world such an act is not possible, but if I could I would save you from the side of love no one likes to talk about...the falling out and despair of not being able to pin point where things started to fall apart or how or when one can't pull each other back together for that, ever after
If I could stop anyone else's heart from self imploding and exploding from emotion pounding and flooding the head with thoughts that aren't of a sane man's, I would...
but life throws all kinds of curve balls and this is one no one else can prepare another for
(but I'm able to listen)