Monday, January 28, 2013


My mind is a machine gun
thoughts, feelings, memories
become the bullets that rip my soul
from peaceful sleep
Here lies in front of my own face
fears I have faced time and time again
I feel alone, despite being told I'm not
what this feels like, looks like, tastes like
is me being abandoned again
another slap of reality when it's not real
I know the reasons
but it still fucken hurts
I'm scared of the unknown
yet I know inside that we will be alright
cause you are all still in my life
I see more than just my needs now
and yeah I can be self centered and like "this is all about me"
but relationships don't work like that
and I know from experience
we never abandon each other


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Prize

Hands either side of the mirror, eyes on the prize
I'm facing myself, no one else
my perception of who I am, isn't true of who I was meant to be
it is nothing but amour that has served it's purpose
and here I stand, removing the layers
Sweet brown soulful eyes that shine with life
I'm a woman, I'm proud to be one
I do enjoy simple things,
shopping and long conversations about deep and meaningful things
and just the everyday things, like the color in the sky,
the rainlets dropping upon the flowers and trees outside
I do enjoy expressing the secrets of love, but I need to do more of this...
I'm not as afraid anymore, I know the skeletons in my closets
I know they belong left on the path behind me
and I'm learning to trust a little more of myself
I'm a women and I deserve happiness


*fluffy bunnies* :)