Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just to be shared

I don't wanna be alone anymore
I'm over comparing anyone who tries to love me,
to the one who I shouldn't of let walk away
I want someone to share my journey with,
someone who gets the emotions that life brings (it's not all heartache and pain)
I want to hold the heart of another...
in my gaze, not my hand!
I wanna feel the heat of lips brushing, skin touching skin
(one long lingering kiss)
My masks aren't painted on
not foundation, lipstick and mascara
they're made of experiences and knowledge picked up by living life
and the one who brings me to my knees will know
how to reach beyond my granite walls,
will know you can't fake the intensity of love, the realness of finding another
who really gets all that makes you (and loves you all the more for that truth)
And they know sex means nothing
when there's nothing there
They won't run each time there's another "lets wait, let's not tonight"
cause they understand just holding speaks more
They know there's an innocent purity that's so much sweeter,
so much more addictive than lust...
just waiting to be unearthed,
just to be shared
with only them