Monday, December 12, 2011

A Plea

Bloody hell you drive me crazy baby
just what is it that you love about active addiction?
No! We both know you'll never just have one taste, one drink
then stop until next week...
hasn't the past told you enough, that it fucking hurts - banging your head time n time
Ask all those who profess to have your back, to look you in the eyes clean
and tell you where they'll be when the money runs out...
will they visit you inside when the police catch up
(what you think they care that you didn't snitch, it just means you've told 'em what power they hold over you)
even better yet babe
will they be there holding your hand when the tests come back positive
and you're just another drug fucked junkie dying of HIV or AIDS?
Maybe I can't force you to change with harsh reality...
I mean who cares that you've just shot draino into your veins
and you're stomach has been pumped more times than you can remember kissing your
partner goodbye at the door, again
I thought you said the drugs would never touch the ones you love
and yet you stole more than trust from your own mother
and when you're baby child cries for love
you're too stoned to even care
and the holes just happened to put themselves in the walls...didn't they?
And I'll tell you how many of those followers who hang around with you
(only when you're loaded with money, gear or alcohol)
will be pallbearers at your funereal...

Do you really feel like recovery ain't worth it
or you ain't?
Read this please, even once
right before you pick up the phone
please don't make THAT call
or before you head off downtown, next door - whatever, man
let the misery end...
with you alive
my friend


Out Here

For roughly nine months before I came into this world
I heard the softest voice around me
telling me all about this thing called love
and I believed everything I heard
Like an addict to a drug
I craved it
and believe me...
It's everything and more - in all it's forms
I may have once fought those who raised me, I may even today
raise my voice
I may have pushed away anyone who professed to care about me, yeah I may still act hard today
I may have been to bed with many men, just trying to reign in some kind of control
over those who tried to tasted the lust they saw in this body...
sorry I sinned Lord, will you forgive me - even if I won't forgive myself?
I may have tasted love from the one I felt was my prince
his voice calmed every fear and he melted more than the ice around my heart
whenever I laid in his arms
I crave that love, but I now understand its value
I understand why it's held in such high regard
and, oh God thank you
for my family and my friends
Oh and thank you for letting me experience the fruit of Eden
though like the addict I am...
I will search til my last breath passes my lips
for another taste of that fruit
I still know my Mother always spoke the truth
there's every kind of love and respect
out here