Saturday, May 27, 2017

If God's not Real...

I still remember how the rope felt against my neck
I still recall the tears of anger & betrayal trailing down my face
how they felt drying upon my skin
Tupac playing in the background,
Noone but God knowing where I was, what I was about to do
Noone to hear this child's cries, all alone in a crowd of people, all doing their own thing
Tethering on the edge of milk creates stacked up,
One step forward...
down I tumbled...
If God's not real, explain to me how the rope snapped as Tupac's words "they win when your soul dies" played,
explain to me, how I'm still alive, how I survived all the trauma I waded through,
how hell never claimed me, but I slaughtered my demons & rose up from the battlefields...alive, ready to thrive 


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